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The course on European Funding for the period 2014-2020 has been extraordinarily enriching in terms of EU knowledge. I have had the chance to enhance and expand what I already knew about the EU budget, institutions, and funds, while discovering the opportunities that the Union provide to local, regional, national, and cross-border projects through its several programmes and financial instruments. All these programmes aim at contributing to tackle current issues such as climate change and biodiversity loss, technological innovation in the 5G era, the economic recovery post-COVID-19 pandemic, the digitalization of education and training, and young entrepreneurship, among others.


The new course for the MFF 2021-2027 cannot be but the most up-to-the-minute training programme existing in Spanish and English on EU budget, institutions, projects, programmes, funds, and financial instruments. I highly recommend it.



Ana Fernández

I think that the course on LIFE – EU Funds for enviroment represents a unique opportunity to understand the importance of saving resources sustainably and finding the right EU call for funding environmental projects. It has been a challenging experience, but I have indeed learnt a lot from Finnova’s experts, who have helped me understand how the EU mechanism works. In addition, the brand-new gamified web deeply enhances interaction among the web, the course, the teachers and you, building such a nice and smooth relationship between the digital and the physical world.


During this course, I have had the chance to meet other colleagues from my professional sector, do a lot of networking and broaden the horizon of coworking possibilities.


What a usefull learning experience!


Javier Cortés

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